It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!

About the LM -Lovely Moments Photography Team:

Lizanie Ludick:I’ve always had a passion for photography. Yet, it wasn’t until I specifically started working

as a Wedding Photographer that I understood the real power of capturing a

once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment. I seek out those intimate and joyful moments,

capturing the essence of every couple’s very special day on camera.

But it doesn’t stop there. I also do FAMILY Shoots, COUPLE Shoots, KIDS and


NATURE Shoots, basically anything! To have a collection of photos you will

cherish for the rest of your life, and for generations to come, contact us today!!

Martin Ludick:I’ve always had this “can do” attitude knowing that the only thing standing

between me and success is myself.

Everything I do I do with passion looking at how others do it and trying to improve

myself by learning from them. I’ll lie if I say photography has been a passion of

mine from a young age. It wasn’t until I started modeling that I also fell in-love

with holding the camera. With this said I believe it is this that will help me get the

best out of YOUR DAY, whatever that day might be for you, I know how it feels on

both sides of the camera and love it.